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NOVA Web Development provides web page design and web application development at affordable rates for labor and community organizations, academic institutions, non-profits, and small business enterprises. We are a democratically run, worker owned and operated cooperative focusing on developing free software tools for progressive organizations.


We are a co-op committed to economic democracy, and the educational growth of our members. Our young web professionals work side-by-side with experienced veterans learning state-of-the-art webcraft while providing solutions to problems facing our local community. We embrace a social justice mission with a dedication to software freedom and strive to create the world we want to live in. We believe that the people's movement should use the people's software, and we want to be an active part of the community that builds free software tools for organizing the progressive movement for a just, democratic, and equitable society.


We offer web page design and web application development using the latest open web standards and free software tools. We set up Tendenci, an Association Management System, for you to use to privately manage your organization’s membership without giving up control over your data. Through your site you can easily record attendance at events and membership. Tendenci’s forum feature creates a space on your website where members can discuss issues and further along the activity of your group. Additionally we integrate Helios voting which offers verifiable online elections.

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Want to say more with less? Brand recognition is just a custom logo design away, You need it? we got it.


We consider the needs of our clients about professional service by developing our sites with responsive software design in any device

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We set up your site with a content management system so that you can make changes without needing to know HTML or CSS.

NOVA Web Development is a worker cooperative created with two main goals - to provide fulfilling, meaningful work for our members meeting the web design and development needs of our customers, and to provide learning experience and a pathway into the information technology industry for young folks connected with career and technical education programs with whom we have relationships.

We are dedicated to using free software and focused on the following technology suite: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Python. Our web frameworks of choice are Bottle, Flask, and Django. We utilize an agile, customer centric development process that assures customers get the value they seek at a price they can afford.

For nearly 20 years, the founders of NOVA Web Development have been passionate about providing both learning experiences and

career opportunities for young professionals who have expressed an enthusiasm for the information technology field.

In 2012, the opportunity to form our own co-op, arose. Our existing relationships with career and technical education programs provides us with a steady source of creative, energetic, curious, young minds. And they're darned smart too. Like the guilds of old, we provide a path from apprentice to journeyman / journeywoman to master, while also meeting the web design and development needs of our customers.

As citizens of the global village in the 21st century, we strive to create the world we want to live in. Our motto is, "We want to make a living, not a killing."


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We work with our clients to help them arrive at a site design they agree with. Before we develop the site we create mockups and get the approval of our clients. To help clients that aren’t initially certain about how they want their site to be designed we ask questions about user experience, site purpose and appearance until we reach a design they love.

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Looking for card printing solutions?

Whether you’re a progressive organizations such as labor and community organizations, academic institutions, non-profit organizations or small business enterprise. NOVA web Development provides an application to print out a high quality customized plastic membership, club or ID card that your members will carry with pride.



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