Douglas is a free software developer who loves GNU/Linux and Python. He lives with his wife and daughter in San Salvador, El Salvador. In his free time he runs and plays video games.

Edzon Quinteros is a student at Arlington Community High school who is concurrently studying web design and computer science, earning college credits through Northern Virginia Community College. He just started learning these things this year, but they have engaged his interest and now he's hooked. Edzon learns quickly, and his dedication and hard work have made him the newest member of the NOVA Web Development team.

German is a web designer who likes design any kind of styles for webpages, In his free time he learns more CSS3 and HTML5 techniques for the next projects.

Ever since his friend Kevin Cole dragged him off to the Allied Media Conference in Detroit during the Summer of 2012, Jeff has been dreaming of joining his love of free software and web technologies with his love of worker empowerment and democratic learning communities. Starting NOVA Web Development with Kevin in 2013 is the fulfillment of that dream.

Kevin has been programming for over 40 years. He is a long-time advocate of Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS), promoting its use particularly in schools, libraries and community centers. He is currently developing a series of Python-based Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) being used in hearing loss research. In addition he serves as a mentor to other members of NOVA Web Development. Beware his puns.

Louis Elkner-Alfaro is interested in the ins-and-outs of cooperative organizational management and how they can help workers become empowered and respected in the workplace.

Marco signed up for a class called "Web Design" on a whim, where he learned a bit of bash and HTML and fell in love with programming. The teacher for this class was none other than Jeff Elkner. From Jeff led to meeting Kevin as a mentor, where Marco caught onto python quickly! Now he hangs around after school bothering the web designers with semantics and programming various utility programs.

Natalia is a graphic designer skilled in photography, photographic manipulation, publicity, and the creation of visual content that communicates ideas. She enjoys applying her art toward finding functional solutions to customer needs, and she is excited about being part of a cooperative that allows her to work both locally and globally. In her free time she enjoys photography and continuing to hone her image editing techniques.

Rena comes from a 7-year background in game design, as a published indie developer. In 2015 she took a web development class at the Arlington Career Center. Ever since then she has polished her front-end design skills while learning how to implement back end networking and database solutions.